Board of Directors


Christopher J. Herrling

Vice President

Margie Clark


Katherine A. O’Rourke


Quincy Booth

Wilma Brier

DeAnna E. Evans

Adrienne D. Ewing

Marco Henderson

Sharmaine T. Heng
Mindy Leon

Holly Snow

Beverli Wynn-Euell

 The Friends of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia was founded in 1964 by Dorothy Goldberg, wife of Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, to provide support to children and their families as they passed through the court system. Over the years, Friends has evolved to meet the changing needs and priorities of these children and of the Court itself: training and supporting attorneys who represent children, establishing a child care center to accommodate children of witnesses, jurors and parents with court cases; and providing financial support to court-involved children and their families to help them mark important milestones and transition to new stages in life.

 Since 2010, Friends has focused primarily on celebrating special events in the lives of children in foster care, providing birthday and graduation gifts to children, hosting an annual Back-to-School Bash in August, and supporting the Court’s Adoption Day every November.​​

FRIENDS of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia